Let us present the te‚Äčchnical details of BabyCobra Token.

Transactions Fees

-4% Liquidity Pool fee

-3% will be added to the marketing wallet

Holder Rewards

- 4% of incoming transactions will be split between holders, all you have to do is own Babycobra Tokens.


We will set up a charity wallet for this project.
1% of every transaction will be added to this wallet.

Ownership officially renounced!


We will do small giveaways once we reach different milestones.

Rewards will be provided in BabyCobra tokens.

Stay tuned!

How To Buy

BabyCobra Tokens
Contract: 0x579466565ad15c5c61e5916a476b4f5a49bb0a89

You need to buy BNB in order to get BCB (BabyCobra)

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